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A Brief Introduction to CAEC


  China Association of Engineering Consultants (CAEC) registered in the People's Republic of China, a national non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and individuals engaging in construction supervision industry, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.China, was founded in July 1993. China Association of Engineering Consultants is subject to professional guidance and supervision of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Civil Affairs. CAEC is located in Beijing.


  The objective of the Association is to, in compliance with laws and regulations and abiding by the social moralities and professional ethics with the guidance of Deng Xiao-ping Theory, “Three Representatives” and scientific develop ideas, carry out the state's related guidelines and policies, protect the lawful rights and interests of the members, convey members' requests and suggestions to the relevant government departments in time, service members enthusiastically, guide members follow the principle of law-abiding, sincerity, justice and scientific, promote healthy development of socialist modernization and construction supervision as well as construct more safe, applicable, economic, beautiful and quality project.

  3.Service Scope

  §1 Organize studies of theories, principles and policies of construction supervision.

  §2 Safeguard the industry's social image and members' legitimate rights and interests.

  §3 Formulate a professional code of conduct for supervision enterprises and staff, as well as carry out the trade self-disciplined activities.

  §4 Organize the formulation of standards, codes and specifications on construction supervision upon the entrustment of the competent department.

  §5 Assist members to explore construction supervision business at home and abroad.

  §6 Strengthen promotional work for construction supervision through various means such as communication, exhibitions and presentations, etc…… Commend the advanced units and individuals from the membership according to the relevant provisions.

  §7 Organize members to exchange experience on project management, enterprise management and construction supervision, so as to improve members' operation capability, managing level and personnel quality.

  §8 Hold various forms of training seminars pertaining to construction supervision, as well as train professionals in terms of enterprise management and construction supervision.

  §9 Organize compilation and issuance of construction supervision resources such as teaching material, books, audio and video materials relating to construction supervision.

  §10 Organize research, development and promotion of construction supervision application software, so as to help members to upgrade the level of modern scientific management.

  §11 Provide members with consulting services relating to construction supervision.

  §12 Provide members with information services through developing information exchange activities at home and abroad.

  §13 Strengthen the professional link between domestic and overseas organizations, organize members to review foreign construction supervision and related business, and carry out operational exchanges, training and cooperation.

  §14 Carry out investigation and research on construction supervision, provide related government institutions with information and recommendations, and assist the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in the formulation of engineering supervision laws and regulations and professional development programs.

  §15 Accomplish the related construction supervision works entrusted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  §16 Hold seminars and forums in accordance with relevant regulations.


  The members of CAEC shall be divided into the individual members, unit members and group members. Legally registered supervision associations of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and vice-provincial cities as well as relevant industry associations can apply for group members. Enterprises registered in the People's Republic of China and engaged in construction supervision business with the corresponding supervision qualification certificates can apply for unit members. Mainland residents who have qualification certificate of registered supervision engineer, professor, associate professor, research fellow or associate research fellow can apply for individual members. By the end of 2012, CAEC has 50 group members and 891 unit members.


  §1 The member representative assembly is the highest authority organ of CAEC and convened every 4 years.

  §2 The council is an executive organ of the member representative assembly. It develops routine work when the member representative assembly is not in session and is responsible to the member representative assembly. It shall be convened once a year.

  §3 The standing council, elected by the council, is responsible to the council while it is not in session. It shall be convened every half a year. Special circumstances may be convened by means of communication.

  §4 As a standing executive organ, the secretariat is in charge of daily works of the association and responsible to the council. The secretariat's subordinate organs include: office, finance department, communication department, training department, industry development department, information department and international department.


  CAEC Hydroelectricity Branch

  CAEC Oil and Natural Gas Branch

  CAEC Chemical Industry Branch

  CAEC Mechanical Industry Branch

  CAEC Shipping Branch

  7.The 6th council

  President: Wang Zaosheng

  Vice president: Wang Xuejun,Li Wei,Xia Bing,Chen Gui,Sun Cheng,Shang Ke,Lei Kaigui
Chen Dongping,Li Mingan,You Jing,Ma Jingsheng,Li Minghua

  Secretary-general: Wang Xuejun

  Vice secretary-general: Wen Jian,Wu Jiang

  8.Mailing address, telephone (fax) and website

  Address:10B, East Area, Huike Building, No.158 West 4th Ring Road North, Haidian District, Beijing

  Post code: 100142

  Telephone: (010) 68346598

  Website: /